Building Customer Value, Satisfaction Loyalty Quiz Questions 71 Tests pdf Download

Practice BBA marketing management MCQ test 71 to learn building customer value, satisfaction loyalty quiz online. Download marketing management quiz questions and answers to learn creating long-term loyalty relationships. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on building customer value, satisfaction and loyalty, marketing research process, competitive strategies for market leaders, what is brand equity, auction type pricing worksheets.

Free marketing worksheets has multiple choice quiz questions as all costs customer expects to incur to buy any market offering is called, answer key with choices as total economic cost, total functional cost, total customer cost and total functional cost to practice theory test for college, university academic degree exams and interview preparartion. For e-learning, study online creating long-term loyalty relationships multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Building Customer Value, Satisfaction Loyalty: Worksheets 71 Quiz pdf Download

Building Customer Value, Satisfaction and Loyalty Quiz

MCQ. All costs customer expects to incur to buy any market offering is called

  1. total economic cost
  2. total functional cost
  3. total customer cost
  4. total functional cost


Marketing Research Process Quiz

MCQ. In sampling plan, question 'how many people company should survey' is part of

  1. sampling size
  2. sampling unit
  3. sampling scale
  4. sampling procedure


Competitive Strategies for Market Leaders Quiz

MCQ. Attack strategy challenger spots areas where competitors are underperforming is considered as

  1. technological attack
  2. geographic attack
  3. strategic attack
  4. planned attack


What is Brand Equity Quiz

MCQ. Stage which describes extrinsic properties to meet customers social needs is considered as

  1. brand salience
  2. brand performance
  3. brand imagery
  4. brand feelings


Auction Type Pricing Quiz

MCQ. Type of auction which have many buyers and only one seller and bidder raises price of an offer is classified as

  1. English auctions
  2. Dutch auctions
  3. equalizing-bid auctions
  4. Australian auctions

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