Logistics Functions Quiz Questions 5 Tests pdf Download

BBA marketing priciples quiz 5 to test pricing: capturing customer value quiz & MCQs. Free marketing quiz questions and answers to learn logistics functions quizzes with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on logistics functions, market segmentation, relative prices, business markets worksheets.

Free marketing worksheets has multiple choice quiz questions as if customers perceive that price of product is greater than value it provides to customer then customer, answer key with choices as would get free products, would get discount, would buy product and would not buy product to test study skills. For e-learning, study online pricing: capturing customer value multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Logistics Functions Quiz Worksheet 5 Quiz pdf Download

Logistics Functions Quiz

MCQ. If customers perceive that price of product is greater than value it provides to customer then customer

  1. would get free products
  2. would get discount
  3. would buy product
  4. would not buy product


Market Segmentation Quiz

MCQ. Segmentation on basis of values and attitudes and behavioral patterns is an example of

  1. geographic location
  2. cultural factors
  3. economic factors
  4. political and legal factors


Relative Prices Quiz

MCQ. Retail stores such as Best Buy, Staples and Pet Smart are examples of

  1. superstore
  2. outbound stores
  3. inbound stores
  4. intensive stores


Market Segmentation Quiz

MCQ. Targeting affluent customers with luxurious goods is an example of

  1. geographic segmentation
  2. income segmentation
  3. psychographic segmentation
  4. behavioral segmentation


Business Markets Quiz

MCQ. Demand of business buyers is derived from

  1. final consumer demand
  2. raw materials suppliers
  3. production controller
  4. logistic managers


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