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Channel Management Decisions Quiz Questions 168 pdf Download

Practice BBA marketing priciples MCQ test 168 to learn channel management decisions quiz online. Find questions to study marketing quiz on marketing channels. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on channel management decisions, measuring and managing return on marketing investment, major influences on business buying behavior, psychological factors, channel behavior and organization,.

Free study guide has multiple choice quiz questions as strategy of distribution in which seller limits its dealers to not to sell any competitors products is classified as with answering options exclusive distribution, exclusive dealing, inclusive distribution and intensive distribution to test study skills. For e-learning, study online marketing channels multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Quiz on Channel Management Decisions - Worksheet 168

Channel Management Decisions Quiz

MCQ. Strategy of distribution in which seller limits its dealers to not to sell any competitors products is classified as

  1. exclusive distribution.
  2. exclusive dealing.
  3. inclusive distribution.
  4. intensive distribution.


Measuring and Managing Return on Marketing Investment Quiz

MCQ. Arrangement of different market performance measures as a single display to monitor results is classified as

  1. Return on investment.
  2. Marketing dashboard.
  3. Marketing scorecard.
  4. Both a and b.


Major Influences on Business Buying Behavior Quiz

MCQ. Stage in which business buyer invites supplier to submit proposals is classified as

  1. supplier selection.
  2. proposal solicitation.
  3. supplier search.
  4. order specification.


Psychological Factors Quiz

MCQ. To form significant picture of world, process of information selection, organizing and interpreting is referred as

  1. perception.
  2. brand image.
  3. self concept.
  4. self image.


Channel Behavior and Organization Quiz

MCQ. If fast food chain has conflict to some of its franchises then this conflict is considered as

  1. steep conflict.
  2. slope conflict.
  3. vertical conflict.
  4. horizontal conflict.

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