Market Segmentation Quiz Questions and Answers 163 PDF Download

Practice market segmentation quiz, BBA marketing priciples quiz online 163 to learn. Free marketing MCQs questions and answers to learn market segmentation MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on market segmentation, product life cycle strategies, business actions and sustainable markets, competitive positions, buyer decision process for new products worksheets.

Free market segmentation worksheet has multiple choice quiz question as division of market on basis of marital status of consumers such as 'single consumers' and 'married consumers' is an example of, answer key with choices as geographic segmentation, demographic segmentation, psychographic segmentation and behavioral segmentation problem solving to test study skills. For viva learning help and jobs' interview preparation tips, study online customer driven marketing strategy multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Market Segmentation Quiz PDF Download Worksheet 163

Market Segmentation Quiz

MCQ. The division of market on the basis of marital status of consumers such as 'single consumers' and 'married consumers' is an example of

  1. geographic segmentation
  2. demographic segmentation
  3. psychographic segmentation
  4. behavioral segmentation


Product Life Cycle Strategies Quiz

MCQ. The widely accepted and currently popular style in specific or given field of art is called

  1. fashion
  2. fads
  4. customs


Business Actions and Sustainable Markets Quiz

MCQ. The sustainable marketing principle which says that company must define mission statement in broad social terms in place of only product terms is classified as

  1. sense of broad marketing
  2. sense of mission marketing
  3. sense of vision marketing
  4. societal marketing


Competitive Positions Quiz

MCQ. According to competitive positions, the main focus of market leader strategy is to

  1. expand market share
  2. indirect attack
  3. multiple niching
  4. full frontal attack


Buyer Decision Process for New Products Quiz

MCQ. When any potential customer become a regular user of the product, this change is called

  1. adoption
  2. cognitive dissonance
  3. pre purchase behavior
  4. post-purchase behavior