Market Targeting Quiz Questions and Answers 93 PDF Download

Learn market targeting quiz online, principles of marketing test 93 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free customer driven marketing strategy quiz, market targeting quiz questions and answers to learn marketing MCQs with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on market targeting MCQs with answers, channel management decisions, new product development process, company wide strategic planning, media marketing, market targeting practice test for online BBA degree courses distance learning.

Free online market targeting course worksheet has multiple choice question: company and brand positioning must be stated in with options differentiation, competitive edge statement, positioning statement and points of similarities for online universities' examination to practice logic questions for free online competitions and examinations, study customer driven marketing strategy multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers to prepare entrance exam for admission in MBA degree program.

Quiz on Market Targeting Worksheet 93 Quiz PDF Download

Market Targeting Quiz

MCQ: Company and brand positioning must be stated in

  1. differentiation
  2. competitive edge statement
  3. positioning statement
  4. points of similarities


Media Marketing Quiz

MCQ: Considering non-personal communication channels, billboards and posters are considered as

  1. online media
  2. print media
  3. broadcast media
  4. display media


Company Wide Strategic Planning Quiz

MCQ: SBU's with low growth whereas high market share are considered as

  1. Stars
  2. Question marks
  3. Dogs
  4. Cash Cows


New Product Development Process Quiz

MCQ: Detailed description of products, target market, competitors and customer value proposition is classified as

  1. write-up
  2. write-down
  3. follow-up
  4. none of above


Channel Management Decisions Quiz

MCQ: Distribution strategy in which company limits its outlets in different regions or buyer can buy in only company's territory is classified as

  1. intensive territorial agreement
  2. selective territorial agreement
  3. inclusive territorial agreement
  4. exclusive territorial agreement