Marketing Research Process Quiz Questions and Answers 124 PDF Download

Practice marketing research process quiz, BBA marketing management quiz 124 for online learning. Free marketing MCQs questions and answers to practice marketing research process MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on marketing research process, discounts and allowances, what is organizational buying, service mix categories, marketing and customer value worksheets.

Free marketing research process worksheet has multiple choice quiz question as type of question which consists of rating to some attributes from "poor" to "excellent" is said to be, answer key with choices as rating scale, ranking scale, distribution scale and intention scale problem solving to test study skills. For online learning, viva help and jobs' interview preparation tips, study conducting marketing research multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Marketing Research Process Quiz PDF Download Worksheet 124

Marketing Research Process Quiz

MCQ. The type of question which consists of rating to some attributes from "poor" to "excellent" is said to be

  1. rating scale
  2. ranking scale
  3. distribution scale
  4. intention scale


Discounts and Allowances Quiz

MCQ. The extra payment awarded to resellers for their participation in special programs is classified as

  1. allowance
  2. offset discount
  3. seasonal discount
  4. equalizing discount


What is Organizational Buying Quiz

MCQ. The markets which include buying from manufacturers rather than intermediaries is classified as

  1. relative buyers
  2. price sensitive buyers
  3. business markets
  4. consumer markets


Service Mix Categories Quiz

MCQ. Considering the categories of services mix, the meal of restaurant is classified as example of

  1. pure services
  2. major service with minor goods
  3. tangible goods with accompanying services
  4. pure tangible goods


Marketing and Customer Value Quiz

MCQ. Most of the time, the company's specialized departments handle the

  1. support activities
  2. primary activities
  3. financial activities
  4. None of above