Capital Market Line MCQs - MBA Test 28 PDF Book Download

Capital market line quiz, learn online MBA test prep 28 for distance education courses with investment analysis and portfolio management test and MCQs. College and universitiy courses MCQs, capital market line, components of current account, shirkat-ul-milk, promotion, breton wood agreement for business administration certifications.

Practice investment analysis and portfolio management career test has multiple choice question (MCQs): capital market line is firstly initiated by, with choices mohsin, linter, markowitz, and william sharpe for online business degrees. For admission and scholarhsips' exams, learn investment analysis and portfolio management multiple choice questions to practice MCQ based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Capital Market Line - Test Worksheet 28Quiz Book Download

Capital Market Line Quiz

MCQ: Capital Market Line is firstly initiated by

  1. Mohsin
  2. Linter
  3. Markowitz
  4. William Sharpe


Components of Current Account Quiz

MCQ: Distinction between overall exports and imports is related to

  1. factor income
  2. transfer Payments
  3. balance of trade
  4. account balance


Shirkat-ul-Milk Quiz

MCQ: To generate joint possession in assets is

  1. shirkat
  2. shirkat-al-aqd
  3. shirkat-al-milk
  4. musharika


Promotion Quiz

MCQ: One of five features of promotional mix is

  1. promotion
  2. sales promotion
  3. place
  4. product


Breton Wood Agreement Quiz

MCQ: In 1944 international accord is recognized as

  1. Breton Wood Agreement
  2. Exchange Agreement
  3. International Trade
  4. Fisher Effect