Types of Musharika MCQs - MBA Test 27 PDF Book Download

Types of musharika quiz, learn online MBA test prep 27 for distance education courses with islamic banking test and MCQs. College and universitiy courses MCQs, types of musharika, brand parity, imperfect markets theory, visual presentation for business administration certifications.

Practice islamic banking career test has multiple choice question (MCQs): how much etc in musharika is related to, with choices quantified, ma'loom, specified, and a & b for business administration degree online. For admission and scholarhsips' exams, learn islamic banking multiple choice questions to practice MCQ based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Types of Musharika - Test Worksheet 27Quiz Book Download

Types of Musharika Quiz

MCQ: How much etc in Musharika is related to

  1. quantified
  2. ma'loom
  3. specified
  4. a & b


Brand Parity Quiz

MCQ: Observation of consumers that several brands are equal to

  1. brand extension
  2. brand parity
  3. symbols
  4. brand trust


Imperfect Markets Theory Quiz

MCQ: In real world, all factors of production are perfectly

  1. Mobile
  2. Immobile
  3. Somewhat mobile
  4. All of answers are correct


Types of Musharika Quiz

MCQ: Products of first type may be given to Musharika in capital while second kind of products cannot be a part of capital observation of

  1. Imam Maliki
  2. Imam Hanafi
  3. Imam Shafi
  4. Imam Hanabli


Visual Presentation Quiz

MCQ: Identification and observation of a brand is extremely influenced by its

  1. marketing
  2. loyalty
  3. visual presentation
  4. a & b