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Physics Placement Test 1 PDF Book Download

Physics placement test, physics assessment test to practice physics MCQs, entry test 1 to practice characteristics of waves MCQs. Free career assessment test questions with answers to practice job placement test on electromagnetic waves, energy, distance, time and speed, reflection of light, characteristics of waves MCQs.

Practice characteristics of waves multiple choice questions (MCQs): electromagnetic waves does not include, for competitive exams with options gamma rays, light, radio waves, sound for certification exam prep.

Physics Entry Test 1

Introduction Practice Test Question

MCQ: Electromagnetic waves does not include

  1. light
  2. gamma rays
  3. radio waves
  4. sound


Energy Practice Test Question

MCQ: Ability to do work is known as

  1. Watt
  2. Power
  3. Energy
  4. Work


Distance, Time and Speed Practice Test Question

MCQ: A car travels at a speed of 15 m/s for 20 minutes, distance covered by car is

  1. 18000 m
  2. 300 m
  3. 5 m
  4. 45 m


Reflection of Light Practice Test Question

MCQ: Normal is a line that

  1. is drawn in the middle of an object
  2. is drawn where the surface is perpendicular to it
  3. is drawn perpendicular to the surface where the ray strikes
  4. is drawn where the ray is ends


Characteristics of Waves Practice Test Question

MCQ: Please fill in missing blanks by choosing right option: Trough is _____ and Crest is _____

  1. Peak, Bottom
  2. Peak, Centre
  3. Bottom, Peak
  4. Centre, Bottom