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Physics Placement Test - Entry Test MCQs 5 PDF Download

Placement test 5 to practice energy MCQs. Here, you may find free entry test questions with answers to practice physics test 1 college placement test on mass, weight and density, energy, speed of sound, inertia, energy, MCQs with questions and answers.

Physics Entry Test 5

Mass, Weight and Density Practice Test Question

MCQ: A car has a mass of 850 kg, car stands at rest at a place with gravitational field strength of 10 N/kg, weight of car would be

  1. 85 N
  2. 850 N
  3. 8500 N
  4. 85000 N


Energy Practice Test Question

MCQ: A person picks up some books, he applies a force of 50N upwards, he moves forward on floor and covers a distance of 20 m, energy he used should be

  1. 1000 J
  2. 0 J
  3. 2.5 J
  4. 0.4 J


Speed of Sound Practice Test Question

MCQ: Speed of sound in Vacuum is

  1. 330 m/s
  2. 0 m/s
  3. 5000 m/s
  4. 3000 m/s


Inertia Practice Test Question

MCQ: Inertia depends on

  1. Weight
  2. Volume
  3. Height
  4. Mass


Energy Practice Test Question

MCQ: A boy pushes a sack with a force of 60 N and moves it a distance of 30 m, workdone no sack should be

  1. 1800 J
  2. 2 J
  3. 0.5 J
  4. 0 J