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Functions Quiz Question and Answers 14 PDF Book Download

Functions quiz questions, functions MCQs with answers, c sharp test prep 14 to learn IT courses for online computer programming degree. Functions in c# quiz questions and answers, functions multiple choice questions (MCQs) to practice c sharp test with answers for online colleges and universities courses. Learn functions MCQs, structures, boolean logic, arrays, functions test prep for programming certifications.

Learn functions test with multiple choice question (MCQs): functions of c# have following properties, with choices functions can not be nested, functions can be called recursively., if we do not return a value from a function then a value -1 gets returned., and both b and c for online colleges for information technology degree. Learn functions in c# questions and answers for problem-solving, merit scholarships assessment test for IT certifications.

Quiz on Functions Worksheet 14

Functions Quiz

MCQ: Functions of C# have following properties

  1. Functions can not be nested
  2. Functions can be called recursively.
  3. If we do not return a value from a function then a value -1 gets returned.
  4. both b and c


Arrays Quiz

MCQ: Method used to copy content from one array to another array is

  1. Copy()
  2. copy()
  3. arr.cpy()
  4. cpy()


Boolean Logic Quiz

MCQ: Data type used to hold result of a comparison is

  1. string
  2. double
  3. bool
  4. char


Structures Quiz

MCQ: Correct way to define a variable of type struct Emp declared below is <br/> <code> struct Emp { private String name; private int age; private Single sal; } </code>

  1. Emp e(); e = new Emp();
  2. Emp e = new Emp;
  3. Emp e = new Emp();
  4. Emp e; e = new Emp;


String Quiz

MCQ: Correct way to convert a string to uppercase using string class method()

  1. Upper()
  2. ToUpper()
  3. Object.ToUpper()
  4. objUpper()