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Cost Estimation Functions Quiz Questions and Answers 182 PDF Book Download

Cost estimation functions quiz, cost estimation functions MCQs with answers, MBA accounting quiz 182 for online accounting courses. College and university degree MCQs, cost function and behavior quiz questions and answers, cost estimation functions multiple choice questions to practice accounting quiz with answers. Learn cost estimation functions MCQs, career aptitude test on residual income, allocating costs: operating departments, regression line, cost estimation functions test prep for certified accountant certification.

Practice cost estimation functions career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): cost that has elements of variable and fixed costs at same time is, to learn finance and accounting degree with options variable cost, mixed cost, semi variable cost for financial planner jobs. Learn cost function and behavior questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test for certified financial advisors. Cost Estimation Functions Video

Quiz on Cost Estimation Functions Worksheet 182Quiz Book Download

Cost Estimation Functions Quiz

MCQ: Cost that has elements of variable and fixed costs at same time is

  1. variable cost
  2. mixed cost
  3. semi variable cost
  4. Both B and C


Regression Line Quiz

MCQ: If an unexplained variation is 255050 and total variation is 550505, then coefficient of determination will be

  1. 0.5063
  2. 0.4633
  3. 2.16
  4. 0.5367


Allocating Costs: Operating Departments Quiz

MCQ: Approaches to allocate costs of support department do not include

  1. sales mix allocation method
  2. dual-rate cost-allocation method
  3. single rate cost allocation method
  4. both b and c


Residual Income Quiz

MCQ: Rupee amount for required return of investment is subtracted from income to calculate

  1. net income
  2. after tax income
  3. residual income
  4. operating income


Concept of Relevance Quiz

MCQ: In broader categories, outcomes of decisions are classified as

  1. sunk factors
  2. quantitative factors
  3. qualitative factors
  4. both B and C