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Management Accounting Quiz Questions and Answers 180 PDF Book Download

Management accounting quiz, management accounting MCQs answers, MBA accounting quiz 180 to learn accounting courses online. Direct cost variances and management control quiz questions and answers, management accounting multiple choice questions (MCQ) to practice accounting quiz with answers for college and university courses. Learn management accounting MCQs, economic value added, strategic decisions, flexible budget: cost accounting, management accounting test prep for financial business analyst certification.

Learn management accounting test with multiple choice question (MCQs): in management control, point of reference for making comparisons of performance is, with choices focused performance, merchandise performance, distribution performance, and expected performance for online accounting and finance degree. Learn direct cost variances and management control questions and answers for scholarships exams' problem-solving, assessment test for accounting certifications. Management Accounting Video

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Management Accounting Quiz

MCQ: In management control, point of reference for making comparisons of performance is

  1. focused performance
  2. merchandise performance
  3. distribution performance
  4. expected performance


Flexible Budget: Cost Accounting Quiz

MCQ: If number of units are 3000 and per unit price is $500, then flexible budget variable will be

  1. $1,500,000
  2. $2,500,000
  3. $3,500,000
  4. $4,500,000


Strategic Decisions Quiz

MCQ: In value chain analysis, delivery of services or products to end customers is classified as

  1. resource research
  2. market research
  3. utilization
  4. distribution


Economic Value Added Quiz

MCQ: Sum of working capital and current liabilities is equal to

  1. imputed assets
  2. residual assets
  3. current assets
  4. nominal assets


Net Realizable Value Method Quiz

MCQ: Net realizable value is added into separate costs to calculate

  1. split off costs
  2. final cost of direct labor
  3. final sales
  4. final costs