New Product Development Multiple Choice Questions 1 PDF Book Download

New product development multiple choice questions (MCQs), new product development quiz answers, marketing test prep 1 to learn online marketing courses for online classes. New product development process MCQs, new product development quiz questions and answers for admission and merit scholarships test. Practice new product development process, product life cycle strategies career test for business analytics certifications.

Learn new product development quizzes with multiple choice questions: kind of channel arrangement in which retailers, wholesalers and producers act as a single system is classified as, with choices horizontal marketing system, conventional distribution channel, vertical marketing system, and static distribution channel for masters degree in business management. Practice jobs' assessment test for online learning new product development process quiz questions with principles of marketing MCQs for business analyst certification.

MCQs on New Product Development Test 1 PDF Book Download

MCQ: Kind of channel arrangement in which retailers, wholesalers and producers act as a single system is classified as

  1. conventional distribution channel
  2. horizontal marketing system
  3. vertical marketing system
  4. static distribution channel


MCQ: Marketing system in which two or more companies join together at one level to seek new marketing opportunity is classified as

  1. horizontal marketing system
  2. vertical marketing system
  3. static marketing system
  4. flexible marketing system


MCQ: New-product development process consists of detailed steps and number of steps are

  1. Five steps
  2. Six steps
  3. Seven steps
  4. Eight steps


MCQ: Marketing channels are considered as part of

  1. wholesaler-customer delivery network
  2. customer-value delivery network
  3. retailer-wholesaler delivery network
  4. customer-retailer delivery network


MCQ: Set of organizations interdependent on each other that help in making market offerings available to customer are called

  1. interactive channels
  2. marketing channels
  3. pricing channels
  4. basing point channels