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Resonance in Physics Quiz Questions and Answers 70 PDF Download

Learn resonance in physics quiz questions, online Cambridge GCE physics test 70 for distance learning degree, online courses. Colleges and universities courses MCQs on oscillations quiz, resonance in physics multiple choice questions and answers to learn physics quiz with answers. Practice resonance in physics MCQs career test assessment on internal resistance, capacitors in parallel, radioactive decay, energy transfers, resonance in physics practice test for online study physics courses distance learning.

Study bachelor degree and masters degree in physics questions, resonance in physics online course has multiple choice question (MCQs): for a resonating system it should oscillate with options bound, only for some time, freely and for infinite time with online learning guide for international exams' preparation like SAT subjective test. Learn oscillations quiz questions with problem solving skills assessment test.

Quiz on Resonance in Physics Worksheet 70Quiz PDF Download

Resonance in Physics Quiz

MCQ: For a resonating system it should oscillate

  1. bound
  2. only for some time
  3. freely
  4. for infinite time


Energy Transfers Quiz

MCQ: Work done by a person having weight 600 N and he needs to climb up a mountain of height 2000 m is

  1. 1000 kJ
  2. 1300 kJ
  3. 1400 kJ
  4. 1200 kJ


Radioactive Decay Quiz

MCQ: Activity of one decay per second is equal to

  1. 1 Bq
  2. 1 atm
  3. 1 mol
  4. 1 Cd


Capacitors in Parallel Quiz

MCQ: If capacitors are connected in parallel, then potential difference across each capacitor is

  1. same
  2. different
  3. zero
  4. infinite


Internal Resistance Quiz

MCQ: Internal resistance of cell when there is current of 0.40 A when a battery of 6.0 V is connected to a resistor of 13.5 Ω is

  1. 1.5 Ω
  2. 2.3 Ω
  3. 3.5 Ω
  4. 4.5 Ω