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Product Mix Pricing Strategies Quiz Questions 22 pdf/epub/iBook Download

Learn BBA marketing priciples quiz online 22 to test pricing strategy quiz & MCQs. Free marketing quiz questions and answers to learn product mix pricing strategies quizzes with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on product mix pricing strategies, developing effective marketing communication, what is a product, what is price, supply chain management worksheets.

Free marketing worksheets has multiple choice quiz questions as pricing strategy used to set price of by-products to make price of main product even more competitive is classified as, answer key with choices as by-product pricing, captive product pricing, optional product pricing and two part pricing to test study skills. For eLearning, study online pricing strategy multiple choice questions based quiz questions and answers.

Product Mix Pricing Strategies Quiz Worksheet 22 Quiz pdf Download

Product Mix Pricing Strategies Quiz

MCQ. Pricing strategy used to set price of by-products to make price of main product even more competitive is classified as

  1. by-product pricing
  2. captive product pricing
  3. optional product pricing
  4. two part pricing


Developing Effective Marketing Communication Quiz

MCQ. Set of stages through which customers pass through while purchasing market offerings are classified as

  1. channel designing stages
  2. strategic stages
  3. channeling stages
  4. buyer readiness stage


What is a Product Quiz

MCQ. BlackBerry 'on go connectivity' specific feature is part of

  1. actual product
  2. augmented product
  3. dis-augmented product
  4. intangible services


What Is Price Quiz

MCQ. Value that customers give up to get benefits of products or services is classified as

  1. discount
  2. value added tax
  3. price
  4. tax


Supply Chain Management Quiz

MCQ. Process which involves controlling, implementing and planning materials and final goods to meet final customer at high profits is classified as

  1. exclusive distribution
  2. exclusive dealing
  3. physical distribution
  4. supply chain management

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