Types of Graphics Quiz Questions and Answers 87 PDF Download

Learn types of graphics quiz, online technical writing test 87 for online courses, distance learning. Free technical writing MCQs questions and answers to learn types of graphics MCQs with answers online how to become a technical writer course test.

Free types of graphics course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question as correct way to use table in technical writing document, comprehended; with options to crowd the table on page, not to reference every table, to title every table and to label the table with problems solving answer key to test study skills for online e-learning, viva help and jobs' interview preparation tips, study graphics multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Types of Graphics 87 Download PDF

Types of Graphics Quiz

MCQ. Correct way to use table in technical writing document, comprehended;

  1. to crowd the table on page
  2. not to reference every table
  3. to title every table
  4. to label the table


Instructions Writing Quiz

MCQ. Word limitation to communicate alert identification, making reader easy to follow instruction in writing, about;

  1. 1-3 words
  2. 1-2 words
  3. 2-3 words
  4. 3-4 words


Writing Newsletters Quiz

MCQ. Paragraph limit length in newsletter, approximately;

  1. 1-4 lines
  2. 1-5 lines
  3. 4-6 lines
  4. 7-8 lines


Online Help and Websites Quiz

MCQ. First thing grasped by e-readers of a website, considered as:

  1. identification information
  2. graphic
  3. home page
  4. title


Online Help and Websites Quiz

MCQ. Last step of writing process, involved in;

  1. html coding
  2. drafting website
  3. sketching website prototype
  4. frame work