Report Writing Quiz Questions and Answers 8 PDF Book Download

Report writing quiz, report writing MCQs with answers, technical writing test prep 8 to learn technical writing online course. Reports quiz questions and answers, report writing multiple choice questions (MCQs) for technical writing degree online. Learn report writing MCQs, importance of visual aids, e-mails, writing brochures, report writing test prep for technical writing certifications.

Learn report writing multiple choice question (MCQs): purpose and topic sentence of report, being mentioned in report writing, in the;, with choices conclusion/recommendation, discussion, heading, and all of above for online bachelor degree.

Quiz on Report Writing Worksheet 8 Download PDF

Report Writing MCQ

MCQ: Purpose and topic sentence of report, being mentioned in report writing, in the;

  1. conclusion/recommendation
  2. discussion
  3. heading
  4. All of above


Writing Brochures MCQ

MCQ: Paragraph limit length in document design of brochure, ranges from;

  1. 8-6 lines
  2. 5-6 lines
  3. 4-3 lines
  4. All of above


Report Writing MCQ

MCQ: Most appropriate technique for prewriting short reports, known as;

  1. reporter's questions
  2. branching
  3. listing
  4. Numbering


E-mails MCQ

MCQ: An effective writing rule for an e-mail, embodied with;

  1. not making hardcopies of an e-mail
  2. Auto replying to all recipients
  3. proofreading of an emails
  4. Examining text format


Importance of Visual Aids MCQ

MCQ: Relying on too many facts in technical documents, failing in achieving technical witting goal of;

  1. communicating the information aesthetically
  2. communicating the information easily
  3. communicating the information briefly
  4. Communicating the information eloquently