Formal Oral Communication Quiz Questions and Answers 25 PDF Download

Learn formal oral communication quiz online, technical writing test 25 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free formal oral communication MCQs questions and answers to learn technical writing quiz with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on formal oral communication test with answers, online help and websites, biased language, types of graphics, clarity, formal oral communication practice test for online technical communication courses distance learning.

Free online formal oral communication course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: least effective formal oral communication is known as: with choices extemporaneous speech, manuscript speech, memorized speech and speech therapy for online preparation of competency based interview with trivia questions and answers, study oral communication multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Formal Oral Communication Worksheet 25 Download PDF

Formal Oral Communication Quiz

MCQ: Least effective formal oral communication is known as:

  1. extemporaneous speech
  2. manuscript speech
  3. memorized speech
  4. speech therapy


Clarity Quiz

MCQ: A recommended way of achieving clarity in writing is to use;

  1. complex words
  2. easy understandable worlds
  3. vague adjectives or adverbs
  4. ambiguous word


Types of Graphics Quiz

MCQ: Picture symbols are being used in;

  1. pie charts
  2. pictographs
  3. Flow charts
  4. line graph


Biased Language Quiz

MCQ: To flourished a successful business progress, one may needed;

  1. multiculturism
  2. biased language
  3. economy
  4. financial status


Online Help and Websites Quiz

MCQ: To write a sophisticated web page, appropriate coverage of screen, considered as:

  1. one-third
  2. two-fourth
  3. two-third
  4. one-fourth