E-mails Quiz Questions and Answers 15 PDF Book Download

E-mails quiz questions and answers, e-mails MCQs with answers, technical writing test prep 15 to learn technical writing online course. Memos and e-mail quiz, e-mails multiple choice questions (MCQs) for technical writing degree online. Learn e-mails MCQs, prewriting, types of letters, writing fliers, document design techniques, e-mails test prep for technical writing certifications.

Learn e-mails multiple choice question (MCQs): an effective writing rule for an e-mail, embodied with;, with choices avoiding highlighting techniques, using highlighting techniques, writing detailed e-mails, and avoiding copy and paste for online bachelor degree.

Quiz on E-mails Worksheet 15 Download PDF

E-mails MCQ

MCQ: An effective writing rule for an e-mail, embodied with;

  1. avoiding highlighting techniques
  2. using highlighting techniques
  3. writing detailed e-mails
  4. avoiding copy and paste


Document Design Techniques MCQ

MCQ: Next step to chunking, included;

  1. section dividers and tabs
  2. white spaces
  3. rules
  4. All of above


Writing Fliers MCQ

MCQ: In technical writing, flyers emphasizes on;

  1. more than one key point
  2. multiple key points
  3. 2/3 key points
  4. All of above


Types of Letters MCQ

MCQ: In technical writing, cost and time effective way in marketing product, add up to writing;

  1. bad news letter
  2. sales letter
  3. adjustment letter
  4. official letter


PreWriting MCQ

MCQ: Prewriting graphical technique, providing depiction in process and manupulating order of steps, known as:

  1. storyboarding
  2. flowcharting
  3. outlining
  4. procedure