Importance of Visual Aids Quiz Questions and Answers 120 PDF Book Download

Importance of visual aids quiz, importance of visual aids MCQs with answers, technical writing test prep 120 to learn technical writing online course. Graphics quiz questions and answers, importance of visual aids multiple choice questions (MCQs) for technical writing degree online. Learn importance of visual aids MCQs, instructions writing, job search, writing technical descriptions, prewriting, importance of visual aids test prep for technical writing certifications.

Learn importance of visual aids multiple choice question (MCQs): visual aids in technical writing provides;, with choices clarification, distraction, clear vision, and a and c for online masters degree.

Quiz on Importance of Visual Aids Worksheet 120 Download PDF

Importance of Visual Aids MCQ

MCQ: Visual aids in technical writing provides;

  1. clarification
  2. distraction
  3. Clear vision
  4. A and C


PreWriting MCQ

MCQ: Planning of communication is called:

  1. pre-writing
  2. writing
  3. re-writing
  4. writing skill


Writing Technical Descriptions MCQ

MCQ: Better word usage for factual technical description is;

  1. photographic words
  2. syllable words
  3. impressionistic words
  4. Slang words


Job Search MCQ

MCQ: Most important step of job search is:

  1. attitude towards job
  2. interview
  3. learning dresscode
  4. Punctuality


Instructions Writing MCQ

MCQ: To use flowchart technique in writing instruction, standard used is teermed as:

  1. ANSI
  2. WYSI
  3. ISO
  4. IBM