Types of Graphics Quiz Questions and Answers 119 PDF Download

Learn types of graphics quiz, online technical writing test 119 for online courses, distance learning. Free technical writing MCQs questions and answers to learn types of graphics MCQs with answers to improve crucial exams taking strategies.

Free types of graphics course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question as main goal of tables used in visual aids for technical written documents is to eliminate; with options repetition of words, mistaken words, highlighting of words and misunderstanding with problems solving answer key to test study skills for online e-learning, viva help and jobs' interview preparation tips, study graphics multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Types of Graphics 119 Download PDF

Types of Graphics Quiz

MCQ. Main goal of tables used in visual aids for technical written documents is to eliminate;

  1. repetition of words
  2. mistaken words
  3. highlighting of words
  4. misunderstanding


Formal Oral Communication Quiz

MCQ. Monotonous formal oral communication, known as:

  1. memorized speech
  2. Commencement speech
  3. extemporaneous speech
  4. verbal speech


PreWriting Quiz

MCQ. If goal of writing is to notifying about facts, queries, or concerns then it is referred as:

  1. communicating to build trust
  2. communicating to persuade
  3. communicating to instruct
  4. All of above


Sexist Language Quiz

MCQ. "Sometimes professional calls on his clients in their homes." is an example of;

  1. stereotyping
  2. omission
  3. sexist language based on nouns and pronouns
  4. idiomatic pharases


Conciseness Quiz

MCQ. Concise revision for "rendered completely inoperative" is:

  1. rendered whole inoperative
  2. rendered inoperative
  3. broken
  4. emerged