Feminist Theory Quiz Questions and Answers 210 PDF Book Download

Feminist theory quiz, feminist theory MCQs answers, sociology quiz 210 to learn sociology courses online. Education quiz questions and answers, feminist theory multiple choice questions (MCQs) to practice sociology test with answers for online colleges and universities courses. Learn feminist theory MCQs, creating a discipline, oligarchy, what is globalization, feminist theory test prep for online certifications.

Learn feminist theory test with multiple choice question (MCQs): aim of 'feminist theory' is to understand, with choices root of gender inequality in education, gender role, women's right, and women's role in society for online bachelor degree. Learn education questions and answers for scholarships exams' problem-solving, assessment test.

Quiz on Feminist Theory Worksheet 210 Download PDF

Feminist Theory Quiz

MCQ: Aim of 'feminist theory' is to understand

  1. Root of gender inequality in education
  2. Gender role
  3. Women's right
  4. Women's role in society


What Is Globalization Quiz

MCQ: NAFTA was created in

  1. 1990
  2. 1992
  3. 1994
  4. 1997


Oligarchy Quiz

MCQ: Concept of 'oligarchy' is

  1. Elusive
  2. Slippery
  3. Momentary
  4. Fleeting


Creating a Discipline Quiz

MCQ: Decision of Labor in society was published in

  1. 1890
  2. 1891
  3. 1892
  4. 1893


Symbolic Interactions Theory Quiz

MCQ: Symbolic 'interactions' look at society and people from a

  1. Micro Level respective
  2. Macro level perspective
  3. Mid level perspective
  4. Dysfunctions