Subphylum Chelicerata Class Merostomata MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn subphylum chelicerata class merostomata MCQs, phylum test for online learning courses, test prep to practice test. Arthropods: blueprints for success MCQs, subphylum chelicerata class merostomata multiple choice questions and answers, subphylum trilobitomorpha, subphylum crustacea: class malacostraca, subphylum chelicerata: class merostomata tutorials for online classification of organisms courses distance learning.

Phylum practice test MCQ: number of living species of 'horseshoe' crab is with options 2, 3, 5 and 4 with interview questions and answers for online pre-employment assessment of job seekers. Free study guide is for online learning subphylum chelicerata class merostomata quiz questions with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Subphylum Chelicerata Class Merostomata Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Number of living species of 'horseshoe' crab is

  1. 2
  2. 3
  3. 5
  4. 4


MCQ: Abdomen of 'spider' is known as

  1. Middle segment
  2. Telson
  3. Opisthosoma
  4. Tegument


MCQ: Giant water 'scorpions' are included in subclass

  1. Xiphosura
  2. Eurypterida
  3. Arachnida
  4. Crustaecia


MCQ: Last segment of 'abdomen' or termination appendages in 'arthropods' is called

  1. Termination appendages
  2. Last part
  3. Anal part
  4. Telson


MCQ: 'Horseshoe' crab is included in subclass:

  1. Xiphosura
  2. Eurypterida
  3. Archnida
  4. Crustaecia