Phylum Platyhelminthes Quiz Questions and Answers 3 PDF Download

Learn phylum platyhelminthes quiz, online phylum test 3 for distance learning, online courses. Free phylum MCQs questions and answers to learn phylum platyhelminthes MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on phylum platyhelminthes with answers, class aves: general characteristics, mammalian orders, class amphibians: order anura, phylum platyhelminthes test for online animal phyla courses distance learning.

Free phylum platyhelminthes online course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: in class monogenea, a 'ciliated larvae' is known as with choices oncomiracidium, pupa, ciliated larva and muller's larva with problems solving answer key to test study skills for online e-learning, formative assessment and jobs' interview preparation tips, study triploblastic and acoelomate body plan multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Phylum Platyhelminthes Worksheet 3 Quiz PDF Download

Phylum Platyhelminthes Quiz

MCQ. In class Monogenea, a 'ciliated larvae' is known as

  1. Oncomiracidium
  2. Pupa
  3. Ciliated larva
  4. Muller's larva


Class Amphibians: Order Anura Quiz

MCQ. A tail like structure in 'anurans' is called

  1. Chorda
  2. Urostyle
  3. Rodlike structure
  4. Hypocotyle


Mammalian Orders Quiz

MCQ. Order 'Edentata' includes

  1. Tree sloths
  2. Armadillos
  3. Anteaters
  4. All of above


Phylum Platyhelminthes Quiz

MCQ. Known members of class 'turbellaria' are approximately

  1. 3000
  2. 20000
  3. 1100
  4. 3500


Class Aves: General Characteristics Quiz

MCQ. Paired 'clavicles' fuse ventrally and medially into

  1. Plumage
  2. Synsacrum
  3. Furcula
  4. Pygostyle