Phylum Mollusca Class Polyplacophora MCQs Quiz Online PDF Book Download

Phylum mollusca class polyplacophora MCQs, phylum mollusca class polyplacophora quiz answers to learn biology online courses. Molluscan success multiple choice questions (MCQs), phylum mollusca class polyplacophora quiz questions and answers for online biology degree. Phylum mollusca: class bivalvia, molluscan characteristics, phylum mollusca: class gastropoda, phylum mollusca: class cephalopoda, phylum mollusca: class polyplacophora test prep, career assessment test for online biology certifications.

Practice molluscan success test MCQs: which food most of 'chitons' depends on , with choices algae, calcium, salts, and mineral deposits for online biology degree. Prepare assessment test for scholarships, online learning phylum mollusca class polyplacophora quiz questions for competitive assessment of university majors.

MCQ on Phylum Mollusca Class Polyplacophora Quiz Book Download

MCQ: Which food most of 'chitons' depends on ?

  1. Algae
  2. Calcium
  3. Salts
  4. Mineral deposits


MCQ: 'Chitons' are tough to chew and hard to collect with a

  1. Fishy flavor
  2. Salty flavor
  3. Sour flavor
  4. Sweet flavor


MCQ: A ladder like 'nervous' system is known as

  1. Neurons
  2. Impulses
  3. Nerve cords
  4. Radula


MCQ: Most common member of class 'Polyplacophora' is

  1. Octopus
  2. Cuttle fish
  3. Chitons
  4. Snails


MCQ: A linear series of 'gills' is present in polyplachophorans on either side of the

  1. Foot
  2. Shells
  3. Body
  4. Visceral organs