Echinoderms Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 1 PDF Book Download

Echinoderms multiple choice questions (MCQs), echinoderms quiz answers, phylum test prep 1 to learn online biological science courses. Phylum echinodermata: class echinoidea MCQs, echinoderms quiz questions and answers for admission and merit scholarships test. Practice phylum echinodermata: class echinoidea, general characteristics of echinoderms, phylum echinodermata: class asteroidea career test for online biology certifications.

Learn echinoderms quiz with multiple choice questions: chewing apparatus in sea 'urchin' is named as, with choices chemoreceptors, aristotle's lantern, photoreceptors, and sinus glands for online bachelor degree. Practice jobs' assessment test for online learning phylum echinodermata: class echinoidea quiz questions for colleges and universities majors, competitive exams.

MCQs on Echinoderms Test 1 PDF Book Download

MCQ: Chewing apparatus in sea 'urchin' is named as

  1. Aristotle's lantern
  2. Chemoreceptors
  3. Photoreceptors
  4. Sinus glands


MCQ: Sea 'urchin' has characteristic feature of

  1. Aristotle's lantern
  2. Spines
  3. Bristles
  4. Tube feet


MCQ: In sea star 'stomach' has

  1. 2 compartments
  2. 3 compartments
  3. Single bag
  4. 5 regions


MCQ: Members of 'echinoids' have a large

  1. Arm
  2. Disk
  3. Coelom
  4. Foot


MCQ: Some species of 'echinoderms' i.e. sea star has pincher like structure are called

  1. Pedicellariae
  2. Dermal branchiae
  3. Arms
  4. Disk