Arthropods Blueprints for Success Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 1 PDF Download

Learn arthropods blueprints for success multiple choice questions, phylum online test 1 for graduate degree, free online courses test. Practice subphylum chelicerata: class pycnogonida multiple choice questions (MCQs), arthropods blueprints for success quiz questions and answers. Learn subphylum chelicerata class pycnogonida, subphylum crustacea class malacostraca, subphylum trilobitomorpha mock test for online 9 animal phyla courses distance learning.

Study arthropods blueprints for success quiz with multiple choice question (MCQs): pycnogonidans feed on 'cnidarians polyps' and, for bachelor degree and masters in phylum degree courses with choices ectoprocts, octopus, algae, dead organic matter for online competitive exam preparation for highest paying jobs, government jobs and teaching jobs. Practice skills assessment test to learn online subphylum chelicerata: class pycnogonida quiz questions with phylum MCQs for phylum certification competitive exam prep.

MCQ on Arthropods Blueprints for Success Test 1Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Pycnogonidans feed on 'cnidarians polyps' and

  1. Octopus
  2. Ectoprocts
  3. Algae
  4. Dead organic matter


MCQ: Appendages of last body segment of 'crustaceans' is called

  1. Cheliped
  2. Peristome
  3. Peripods
  4. Uropod


MCQ: Maxilla contains gills and a bladelike structure, called

  1. Scaphognathite
  2. Ectoprocts
  3. Pheromones
  4. Operculum


MCQ: Neurosecretory tissues that are present in eyestalk of 'crayfish' are named as

  1. Y-organ
  2. X-organ
  3. Null organ
  4. Secretory organ


MCQ: Process in which cuticle of an arthropod, after being cross-linked, a sclerotin becomes harden, known as

  1. Ecdysis
  2. Calcification
  3. Compaction
  4. Sclerotization