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Class hexapoda MCQs, class hexapoda quiz answers to learn biology online courses. Hexapods and myriapods: terrestrial triumphs multiple choice questions (MCQs), class hexapoda quiz questions and answers for online biology degree. Class hexapoda test prep, career assessment test for online biology certifications.

Practice hexapods and myriapods: terrestrial triumphs test MCQs: if insect emerges from egg to nymphs that is similar to adult process is called, with choices paurometabolus, hemimetabolus, ametabolous, and homometabolus for online biology degree. Prepare assessment test for scholarships, online learning class hexapoda quiz questions for competitive assessment of university majors.

MCQ on Class Hexapoda Quiz Book Download

MCQ: If insect emerges from egg to nymphs that is similar to adult process is called

  1. Paurometabolus
  2. Hemimetabolus
  3. Ametabolous
  4. Homometabolus


MCQ: Insect's body is divided into three 'tagmata' i.e. head, abdomen and

  1. Buccal cavity
  2. Maxilla
  3. Throat
  4. Thorax


MCQ: In insects body there are three 'segments' in the

  1. Head region
  2. Thorax region
  3. Abdomen region
  4. Terminal region


MCQ: During feeding 'insects' use process of

  1. Photoreceptors
  2. Chemoreceptors
  3. Mechanoreceptors
  4. Smooth tissue


MCQ: In some 'insects' heat is generated by rapid contraction of flight muscles, a process is called

  1. Osmoregulation
  2. Thermogenesis
  3. Shivering thermogenesis
  4. Heterothermic