Class Amphibians Order Anura MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Class amphibians order anura MCQs, learn phylum online test prep for distance education, online courses. Practice amphibians: first terrestrial vertebrates multiple choice questions (MCQs), class amphibians order anura quiz questions and answers. Mock test on class amphibians: order caudata, class amphibians: order anura tutorials for online animal phyla chart courses distance learning.

Study bachelor of science and masters degree MCQs, a tail like structure in 'anurans' is called, for free online courses with choices chorda, urostyle, rodlike structure, hypocotyle for online master of science course preparation with trivia test questions and answers. Free skills assessment test is for online learning class amphibians order anura quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers.

MCQs on Class Amphibians Order Anura Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: A tail like structure in 'anurans' is called

  1. Chorda
  2. Urostyle
  3. Rodlike structure
  4. Hypocotyle


MCQ: Larva of 'frog' is called

  1. Planula larva
  2. Tadpole
  3. Muller's larva
  4. Trochophore


MCQ: Most 'amphibians' are

  1. Endothermic
  2. Ectothermic
  3. Exothermic
  4. Osmoregulators


MCQ: Describes species of order 'anura' are nearly

  1. 3400
  2. 4500
  3. 3500
  4. 2133


MCQ: Phenomenon of 'paedomorphosis' is characteristic of

  1. Newts
  2. Toads
  3. Salamander
  4. Frog