Structural Dimensions MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn structural dimensions MCQs, organizational project management test for learning online courses and test prep to practice. Organizations and organization theory quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), structural dimensions quiz questions and answers, dimensions of organization design, structural dimensions tutorials for online strategic management courses distance learning.

Organizational project management practice test MCQ: terminology that defines how organization actually produces products and services is said to be with choices organizational technology, organizational spanning, organizational strategy and organizational authority for online subjective aptitude tests, online learning, competitive exams with interesting topics for preparation. Free study guide is for online learning structural dimensions quiz with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Structural Dimensions Quiz PDF Download

MCQ. Terminology that defines how organization actually produces products and services is said to be

  1. Organizational Technology
  2. Organizational spanning
  3. Organizational strategy
  4. Organizational Authority


MCQ. Hierarchy of authority is related to

  1. Division of labor
  2. Structure
  3. Personnel ratios
  4. Span of control


MCQ. Organization is centralized, when decision making authority is kept at the

  1. Low level
  2. Personnel level
  3. Managerial level
  4. Top level


MCQ. Measures like total sales or total assets may reflect magnitude but they don?t indicate

  1. Size of the system
  2. Size of the success
  3. Size of the failure
  4. Size of the human part


MCQ. Tools, techniques, and actions used to transform inputs into outputs by any organization is known to be its

  1. Organizational strategy
  2. Organizational Authority
  3. Organizational Technology
  4. Organizational spanning