Slow Viruses and Prions MCQs Test Online PDF Book Download

Slow viruses and prions multiple choice questions (MCQs), slow viruses and prions test prep for online learning with university degree certificate eCourses. Learn clinical virology multiple choice questions (MCQs), slow viruses and prions quiz questions and answers. Career test on hepatitis virus, rna nonenveloped viruses, slow viruses and prions, dna enveloped viruses, tumor viruses test for online history of microbiology courses distance learning.

Learn clinical virology practice test MCQs: 'bovine spongiform encephalopathy' is also known as, for free online courses with options mad dog disease, sheep's disease, mad cow disease, kuru disease for online masters degree programs in education. Free skills assessment test is for e-learning online slow viruses and prions quiz questions for competitive assessment of university majors.

MCQ on Slow Viruses and Prions Quiz Book Download

MCQ: A protein containing partial with no detachable 'nucleic acid' are known as

  1. Virion
  2. Prions
  3. Viroid
  4. Proteins


MCQ: 'Bovine Spongiform encephalopathy' is also known as

  1. Mad dog disease
  2. Sheep's disease
  3. Mad Cow disease
  4. Kuru disease


MCQ: Causative agent for 'scrapie' in sheep is

  1. Virion
  2. Prion
  3. Viroid
  4. Proteins


MCQ: A disease, muscle twitching and lack of coordination, occurs due to a prion, known as

  1. Marasmus
  2. Kuru disease
  3. Cancer
  4. Tetanus


MCQ: A disease in sheep, characterized by demyelinating and pneumonia, known as

  1. Visna
  2. Scrapie
  3. Pneumonia
  4. Measles