Gram Negative Cocci Quiz Questions and Answers 80 PDF Book Download

Gram negative cocci quiz questions, gram negative cocci MCQs answers, microbiology quiz 80 to learn microbiology courses online. Normal flora and major pathogens quiz questions and answers, gram negative cocci multiple choice questions (MCQ) to practice microbiology test with answers for online colleges and universities courses. Learn gram negative cocci MCQs, medically important viruses classification, bacterial genetics, cutaneous and subcutaneous mycoses, gram negative cocci test prep for microbiology certifications.

Learn gram negative cocci test with multiple choice question (MCQs): 'n. gonorrhoea' enters body through, with choices respiratory tract, genital tract, nose of humans, and eyes of humans for online bachelor degree. Learn normal flora and major pathogens questions and answers for scholarships exams' problem-solving, assessment test.

Quiz on Gram Negative Cocci Worksheet 80Quiz Book Download

Gram Negative Cocci Quiz

MCQ: 'N. gonorrhoea' enters body through

  1. Respiratory tract
  2. Genital tract
  3. Nose of humans
  4. Eyes of humans


Cutaneous and Subcutaneous Mycoses Quiz

MCQ: Hair, nails and dead skin of epidermis are collectively named as

  1. Cutaneous structures
  2. Subcutaneous structures
  3. Systemic structures
  4. Opportunistic


Bacterial Genetics Quiz

MCQ: When one or more base pair are deleted or added in sequence, shifts reading frame on ribosome, called

  1. Substitution mutation
  2. Missense mutation
  3. Nonsense mutation
  4. Frameshift mutation


Medically Important Viruses Classification Quiz

MCQ: 'Rhabdoviruses' is also named as

  1. Rotavirus
  2. Measles virus
  3. Mumps virus
  4. Rabies virus


Mechanism of Action Quiz

MCQ: A polyene, named as nystatin has

  1. Antiviral activity
  2. Antibacterial activity
  3. Antifungal activity
  4. Neutral