Replication in Viruses Quiz Questions and Answers 3 PDF Download

Learn replication in viruses quiz online, microbiology test 3 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free genetics of viruses quiz, replication in viruses multiple choice questions and answers to learn microbiology quiz with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on replication in viruses test with answers, mechanism of action, slow viruses and prions, minor bacterial pathogens, pathogenesis, replication in viruses practice test for online cell biology courses distance learning.

Free online replication in viruses course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: integration of viral 'dna' into cell 'dna' results in a structure named as with options viral genome, prophage, virion and prion for online teaching resources with trivia questions to help in teaching strategies, study genetics of viruses multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Replication in Viruses Worksheet 3 Quiz PDF Download

Replication in Viruses Quiz

MCQ: Integration of viral 'DNA' into cell 'DNA' results in a structure named as

  1. Viral genome
  2. Prophage
  3. Virion
  4. Prion


Pathogenesis Quiz

MCQ: 'Diarrhoea' in infants is caused by

  1. Retrovirus
  2. Rotavirus
  3. Reovirus
  4. Adenovirus


Minor Bacterial Pathogens Quiz

MCQ: Causative agent for 'acne' in teenagers is caused by

  1. Porphyromonas
  2. Propionibacterium acene
  3. Pleisomonas
  4. Peptococcus


Slow Viruses and Prions Quiz

MCQ: A protein containing partial with no detachable 'nucleic acid' are known as

  1. Virion
  2. Prions
  3. Viroid
  4. Proteins


Mechanism of Action Quiz

MCQ: Staphylococcus epidermidis causes an infection that can be treated with

  1. Cephalosporin
  2. Vancomycin
  3. Bacitracin
  4. Cycloserine