Chlamydiae MCQs Test Online PDF Book Download

Chlamydiae multiple choice questions (MCQs), chlamydiae test prep for online learning with university degree certificate eCourses. Learn normal flora and major pathogens multiple choice questions (MCQs), chlamydiae quiz questions and answers. Career test on minor bacterial pathogens, gram negative rods related to animals test for online branches of microbiology courses distance learning.

Learn normal flora and major pathogens practice test MCQs: birds are host for, for free online courses with options c. pneumoniae, c. trachomatis, c. psittaci, chlamydia for online college education degree. Free skills assessment test is for e-learning online chlamydiae quiz questions for competitive assessment of university majors.

MCQ on Chlamydiae Quiz Book Download

MCQ: 'Chlamydiae' are obligate organisms that can grow only within cell and hence are

  1. Intracellular
  2. Exogenic
  3. Endogenic
  4. Environmental lovers


MCQ: Birds are host for

  1. C. pneumoniae
  2. C. trachomatis
  3. C. psittaci
  4. Chlamydia


MCQ: Natural host for 'Chlamydiae trachomatis' is

  1. Pigs
  2. Human
  3. Rats
  4. Cats