Dioxins Quiz Questions and Answers 64 PDF Download

Learn dioxins quiz, online marine pollution test 64 for distance learning, online courses. Free marine pollution MCQs questions and answers to learn fate of spilled oil, inorganic nutrients and eutrophication, effects of oil on sea life, dioxins test for online water pollution courses distance learning.

Free dioxins online course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: dioxins tend to bioaccumulate, due to their; with choices inorgainc character, lipophilic character, hydrophilic character and hydrophobic character for online competitive exams, certifications tests for financial aids, scholarships contests in universities, study oil and organic pollution multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Dioxins Worksheet 64 Download PDF

Dioxins Quiz

MCQ. Dioxins tend to bioaccumulate, due to their;

  1. Inorgainc character
  2. Lipophilic character
  3. Hydrophilic character
  4. Hydrophobic character


Effects of Oil on Sea Life Quiz

MCQ. SRB' stands for;

  1. Sulphur reducing bacteria
  2. sulfate-reducing bacteria
  3. Salt reducing bacteria
  4. Silt reducing bacteria


Effects of Oil on Sea Life Quiz

MCQ. Fire booms collect the;

  1. waste material
  2. Sludge
  3. Oil Spills
  4. Plastic waste


Inorganic nutrients and eutrophication Quiz

MCQ. Ammonia can be produced from degradation of dead remainders of organisms, by;

  1. Bacteria
  2. Viruses
  3. Rodents
  4. Insects


Fate of Spilled Oil Quiz

MCQ. Spilled oil undergoes a number of physicochemical;

  1. Changes
  2. Processes
  3. Reactive formation
  4. Transformation