Inner Ear Quiz Questions and Answers 162 PDF Book Download

Inner ear quiz, inner ear MCQs answers, histology quiz 162 to learn histology online courses. Colleges and universities courses MCQs, ear quiz questions and answers, inner ear multiple choice questions to practice histology test with answers. Learn inner ear MCQs, career test on classification of cartilage, testes: seminiferous epithelium, spermatozoa, lens capsule, subcapsular epithelium, lens substance, inner ear test prep for online cell histology courses distance learning.

Practice inner ear career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): membranous 'labyrinth' incorporated with;, for online histology degree with choices utricle, saccule, bony cavities, and both a and b for online universities for education degrees. Learn ear questions and answers for scholarships exams' problem-solving, assessment test.

Quiz on Inner Ear Worksheet 162 Download PDF

Inner Ear Quiz

MCQ: Membranous 'labyrinth' incorporated with;

  1. Utricle
  2. Saccule
  3. Bony cavities
  4. Both A and B


Lens Capsule, Subcapsular Epithelium, Lens Substance Quiz

MCQ: Thickness of 'basal lamina' is ranges between;

  1. 5- 10 µm
  2. 10-20 µm
  3. 30-50 µm
  4. 20-40 µm


Testes: Seminiferous Epithelium, Spermatozoa Quiz

MCQ: Diameter of middle part of 'sperm' is about;

  1. 1 µm
  2. 3 µm
  3. 2 µm
  4. 8 µm


Classification of Cartilage Quiz

MCQ: Irregular dense connective tissues that cover 'cartilages' is called:

  1. Periosteum
  2. Perimysium
  3. Perikaryon
  4. Perichondrium


Adipose Tissues Quiz

MCQ: Hormone released by white 'adipose' tissue is termed as:

  1. Renin
  2. Angiotensin
  3. Leptin
  4. Kinase