Bone Matrix Quiz Questions and Answers 154 PDF Download

Learn bone matrix quiz questions, online histology test 154 for distance learning degrees, online courses. College and university courses' MCQs on bones quiz, bone matrix multiple choice questions and answers to learn histology quiz with answers. Practice bone matrix MCQs, career test assessment on skin, extracellular matrix of connective tissues, reticular connective tissue, erythrocytes, bone matrix practice test for online histologia courses distance learning.

Study bachelor degree and masters in histology degree questions, bone matrix course online has multiple choice question (MCQs): approximate number of 'osteocytes' per cubic meter of bone is; with options 2000, 3000, 25000 and 20000 with online tricky questions for online eLearning and competitive exams preparation. Learn bones quizzes with problem solving skills assessment test.

Quiz on Bone Matrix Worksheet 154 Download PDF

Bone Matrix Quiz

MCQ: Approximate number of 'osteocytes' per cubic meter of bone is;

  1. 2000
  2. 3000
  3. 25000
  4. 20000


Erythrocytes Quiz

MCQ: Thickness of edges of red blood cells is;

  1. 2 µm
  2. 2.3 µm
  3. 2.6 µm
  4. 5 µm


Reticular Connective Tissue Quiz

MCQ: Reticular connective tissues composed of;

  1. Reticular cells
  2. Reticular fibres
  3. Type III collagen
  4. All of above


Extracellular Matrix of Connective Tissues Quiz

MCQ: Diameter of collagen fibres is about;

  1. 1-3 µm
  2. 2-10 µm
  3. 5-8 µm
  4. 2-5 µm


Skin Quiz

MCQ: Superficial layer of skin is named as:

  1. Epithelium
  2. Integument
  3. Cutis
  4. Epidermis