Technology for longer term Quiz Questions and Answers 110 PDF Download

Learn technology for longer term quiz, online global warming test 110 for distance learning, online courses. Free global warming MCQs questions and answers to learn global warming, support and financing of renewable energy, biomass as fuel, technology for longer term test for online is climate change real courses distance learning.

Free technology for longer term online course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: hydrogen can easily be transported by; with choices aeroplans, transport, pipeline and both b and c with problems solving answer key to test study skills for online e-learning, formative assessment and jobs' interview preparation tips, study energy and transport for future multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Technology for longer term Worksheet 110 Download PDF

Technology for longer term Quiz

MCQ. Hydrogen can easily be transported by;

  1. Aeroplans
  2. Transport
  3. pipeline
  4. both b and c


Biomass as fuel Quiz

MCQ. Bagasse is residue from crushing the;

  1. Sugarcane
  2. Rice Husks
  3. Grass
  4. Fruits


support and financing of renewable energy Quiz

MCQ. 'Ethanol' derived from;

  1. Biomass
  2. Gas
  3. Liquid
  4. Solids


Global Warming Quiz

MCQ. Carbon dioxide absorbs infrared radiation, affecting;

  1. Pollution particles
  2. AtmospherIc temperature
  3. Tropospheric Ozone
  4. Stratospheric Ozone


Global Warming Quiz

MCQ. Greenhouse?gases, having less?than?1 percent quantity of?the;?

  1. Atmosphere
  2. Hydrosphere
  3. Biosphere
  4. Troposphere