Molecules of Animals Quiz Questions and Answers 63 PDF Download

Learn molecules of animals quiz online, general zoology test 63 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free molecules of animals MCQs questions and answers to learn general zoology quiz with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on molecules of animals test with answers, mitosis: cytokinesis and cell cycle, evolutionary oneness and diversity of life, mammalian digestive system, what is energy, molecules of animals practice test for online botany and zoology courses distance learning.

Free online molecules of animals course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: lipid' is a; with choices nonpolar organic molecule, polar organic molecule, carbohydrate and glucose with online tutorial questions for online placement tests with past papers' important questions, study chemical basis of animals life multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Molecules of Animals Worksheet 63 Quiz PDF Download

Molecules of Animals Quiz

MCQ: Lipid' is a;

  1. Nonpolar organic molecule
  2. Polar organic molecule
  3. Carbohydrate
  4. Glucose


What is Energy Quiz

MCQ: What causes motion of body?

  1. Potential energy
  2. Power
  3. Energy
  4. Kinetics energy


Mammalian Digestive System Quiz

MCQ: In mammals, tongue and teeth are included in:

  1. Oral cavity
  2. Serosa
  3. Sphincters
  4. Esophagus


Evolutionary oneness and Diversity of Life Quiz

MCQ: Animal species that are not present now-a-days, but were present in past are named as:

  1. Endangered species
  2. Extinct species
  3. Developing species
  4. Dead species


Mitosis: Cytokinesis and Cell Cycle Quiz

MCQ: During anaphase, J-shaped or V-shaped chromosomes moves towards the;

  1. center of cell
  2. pole of the cell
  3. Mitotic apparatus
  4. Cell wall