Protection, Support and Movement Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 1 PDF Book Download

Protection, support and movement multiple choice questions (MCQs), protection, support and movement quiz answers, zoology test prep 1 to learn zoology courses online. Skin of cartilaginous fishes MCQs, protection, support and movement quiz questions and answers for admission and merit scholarships test. Practice skin of cartilaginous fishes, muscular system of invertebrates, mineralized tissues and invertebrates, muscular system of vertebrates, endoskeletons career test for zoology certifications.

Learn protection, support and movement quiz with multiple choice questions: dermis contains bone in form of small 'placoid' scales called:, with choices denticles, cuticles, prongs, and spines for online bachelor degree. Practice jobs' assessment test for online learning skin of cartilaginous fishes quiz questions for colleges and universities majors, competitive exams.

MCQs on Protection, Support and Movement Test 1 PDF Book Download

MCQ: Dermis contains bone in form of small 'placoid' scales called:

  1. Cuticles
  2. Denticles
  3. Prongs
  4. Spines


MCQ: Muscle 'fatigue' is caused by accumulation of the

  1. Calcium carbonate
  2. Lactic acid
  3. Creatinine
  4. Iron


MCQ: Major skeletal component of some 'gastropods' is:

  1. Tissue
  2. Bone
  3. Nerve
  4. Cartilage


MCQ: In fishes, 'musculature' consists of segmental;

  1. Myosin
  2. Actin
  3. Myomeres
  4. Fibrils


MCQ: Sendoskeletons consist of mineral 'spicules' and 'fibers' in

  1. Algae
  2. Fungi
  3. Bacteria
  4. Sponges