Chemical Basis of Animals Life Multiple Choice Questions 1 PDF Download

Learn chemical basis of animals life multiple choice questions (MCQs), general zoology test 1 for online learning, course exam prep. Practice molecules of animals MCQs, chemical basis of animals life questions and answers on molecules of animals, acids, bases and buffers, compounds and molecules aggregates of atoms test for online zoology courses distance learning.

Free chemical basis of animals life quiz online, self-study student guide has multiple choice question: example of 'globular' proteins is: with choices enzymes, peptide, primary protein and secondary proteins with online tutorial questions and answers for online university's class tests with exam papers important questions. Study to learn online molecules of animals quiz questions with general zoology MCQs for general zoology certification competitive exam prep.

MCQ on Chemical Basis of Animals Life Test 1 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Example of 'globular' proteins is:

  1. Peptide
  2. Enzymes
  3. Primary protein
  4. Secondary proteins


MCQ: Building blocks of 'proteins' are:

  1. Cells
  2. Amino acids
  3. Bases
  4. Acids


MCQ: Any substance that can conduct 'electricity' is called:

  1. Acid
  2. Electrolyte
  3. hydrolyzed
  4. Base


MCQ: Carbohydrates' with short carbon chains are called:

  1. Disaccharides
  2. Monosaccharides
  3. Oligosaccharides
  4. Polysaccharides


MCQ: If an atom gains or loses an electron from an electric charge, resulting bond is called:

  1. Ionic bond
  2. Covalent bond
  3. Hydrogen bond
  4. Peptide bond