Integumentary System of Invertebrates MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn integumentary system of invertebrates MCQs, general zoology test for online learning courses, test prep to practice test. Protection, support and movement quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), integumentary system of invertebrates quiz questions and answers, endoskeletons, muscular system of vertebrates, mineralized tissues and invertebrates, muscular system of invertebrates, integumentary system of invertebrates tutorials for online zoology colleges courses distance learning.

General zoology practice test MCQ: 'plasma' membrane is present as an external covering in with choices fungi, algae, protozoa and mollusca with online tutorial questions for online placement tests with past papers' important questions. Free study guide is for online learning integumentary system of invertebrates quiz with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Integumentary System of Invertebrates Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: 'Plasma' membrane is present as an external covering in

  1. Fungi
  2. Algae
  3. Protozoa
  4. Mollusca


MCQ: Pellicle in 'Paramecium' is a thick;

  1. Fat coat
  2. Lipid Coat
  3. carbohydrate coat
  4. Protein coat


MCQ: Epidermal cells present at animal surface, obtaining;

  1. Cilia
  2. Flagella
  3. Pores
  4. Spines


MCQ: Periodically shedding old, outgrown cuticle in some invertebrates is called:

  1. Growing of cells
  2. Dying of cells
  3. Ecdysis
  4. Mutation


MCQ: A disadvantage of 'cuticle', inolved in animals having difficulty in process of;

  1. Breathing
  2. Growing
  3. Moving
  4. Feeding