Density Quiz Question and Answers 23 PDF Download

Learn density quiz questions, college board SAT physics practice online test 23 with online SAT prep course for SAT exam. Colleges and universities courses' MCQs on mass weight and density quiz, density multiple choice questions and answers to learn college board physics quiz with answers. Density MCQ mock test for educational assessment on reflection of light, energy in physics, work in physics, pressure in liquids, density practice test for SAT preparation online course test.

Study physics questions, density online courses with multiple choice question (MCQs): density of pure gold is , for bachelor degree and masters in physics degree with choices 19300 kg m-3, 1000 kg m-3, 920 kg m-3, and 13600 kg m-3 with online SAT review questions and answers to prepare for SAT tests learning. Learn mass weight and density quizzes with problem solving skills assessment test.

Quiz on Density Worksheet 23

Density Quiz

MCQ: Density of pure gold is

  1. 19300 kg m-3
  2. 1000 kg m-3
  3. 920 kg m-3
  4. 13600 kg m-3


Pressure in Liquids Quiz

MCQ: A rectangular block with base area A of 30 cm2 and height h of 0.06 m is submerged in water of density 1000 kg m-3. What is force exerted by water acting on top of block?

  1. 0.18 N
  2. 1.8 N
  3. 18 N
  4. 180 N


Work in Physics Quiz

MCQ: When a body of mass m moves at a speed v, its kinetic energy is defined as

  1. Ek = mv2
  2. Ek = 1/2 mv
  3. Ek = (1/2)mv2
  4. Ek = m/v2


Energy in Physics Quiz

MCQ: Energy equation based on principle of conservation of energy is

  1. useful energy output - wasted energy output
  2. useful energy output + wasted energy output
  3. useful energy output / wasted energy output
  4. useful energy output × wasted energy output


Reflection of Light Quiz

MCQ: As per second law of reflection, angle of incidence is equal to

  1. angle of abnormality
  2. angle of refraction
  3. normal ray
  4. angle of reflection