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Gas pressure quiz questions and answers, gas pressure online learning, college board SAT physics test prep 116 for online SAT prep courses. Undergraduate degree and master's degree eCourses MCQs on sat physics pressure quiz, gas pressure multiple choice questions to practice college board physics quiz with answers. Learn gas pressure MCQs, career aptitude test on boiling and condensation, thermal energy, speed time graphs, reflection of light, gas pressure test for best SAT online course.

Practice gas pressure career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): a manometer containing mercury of density 1.36 × 103 kg m-3 connected to a gas supply. what is pressure of gas supply in cm hg, for online certificate courses in physics degree with options 54 cm hg, 39 cm hg, 81 cm hg, 70 cm hg with online college board exam questions with colleges and universities distance education for scholarships exams. Learn online sat physics pressure questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test.

Quiz on Gas Pressure Worksheet 116

Gas Pressure Quiz

MCQ: A manometer containing mercury of density 1.36 × 103 kg m-3 connected to a gas supply. What is pressure of gas supply in cm Hg?

  1. 54 cm Hg
  2. 39 cm Hg
  3. 81 cm Hg
  4. 70 cm Hg


Reflection of Light Quiz

MCQ: Light ray reflected from reflecting surface is called

  1. reflected ray
  2. refracted ray
  3. normal
  4. incident ray


Speed Time Graphs Quiz

MCQ: To illustrate uniform and non-uniform acceleration for motions in a straight line, we can use

  1. velocity-distance graphs
  2. displacement-time graphs
  3. speed-time graphs
  4. speed-displacement graphs


Thermal Energy Quiz

MCQ: Thermal energy required to change substance from liquid to vapor state, or vice versa, without any temperature change is known as

  1. specific latent heat of fusion
  2. latent heat of vaporization
  3. latent heat of fusion of a solid
  4. specific latent heat of vaporization


Boiling and Condensation Quiz

MCQ: When a pure liquid is heated and it changes to vapor at a fixed temperature, state is called

  1. boiling
  2. condensation
  3. solidification
  4. fusion