Pressure in Physics MCQs Quiz Online PDF Book Download

Pressure in physics MCQs, pressure in physics quiz answers to practice online SAT prep course. Sat physics: pressure multiple choice questions (MCQs), pressure in physics quiz questions and answers for online colleges admissions. Gas pressure, pressure in physics test prep, career assessment test for SAT practice tests.

Practice sat physics: pressure test MCQs: if p is pressure, f is force and a is area, then we can calculate pressure by, with choices p = f + a, p = 1/2(af), p = a/f, and p = f/a for online colleges admissions. Prepare assessment test for scholarships, online learning pressure in physics quiz questions for competitive assessment of college majors.

MCQ on Pressure in Physics Quiz Book Download

MCQ: If p is pressure, F is force and A is area, then we can calculate pressure by

  1. p = F + A
  2. p = 1/2(AF)
  3. p = A/F
  4. p = F/A


MCQ: What is pressure under man's feet if his mass is 60 kg and area of his shoes in contact with ground is 200 cm2?

  1. 5 × 104 Pa
  2. 2 × 104 Pa
  3. 3 × 104 Pa
  4. 4 × 104 Pa


MCQ: Force acting per unit area is known as

  1. energy
  2. power
  3. pressure
  4. work


MCQ: Si unit of pressure is

  1. N m-3 or Pa
  2. N m-2 or Pa
  3. N m-1 or Pa
  4. N m or Pa


MCQ: Force acting over a smaller area exerts

  1. more pressure
  2. less pressure
  3. no pressure
  4. upward pressure