Photosynthesis MCQs Questions and Answers PDF Book Download

Photosynthesis multiple choice questions (MCQs), photosynthesis quiz answers to practice SAT prep online course. Nutrition in plants MCQs, photosynthesis quiz questions and answers for online colleges admissions. Learn photosynthesis test prep for SAT practice tests.

Practice nutrition in plants test MCQs: photosynthesis depends upon, with choices enzymes activity, water, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen from surrounding for online colleges admissions. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning photosynthesis quiz questions for competitive assessment of college majors.

MCQ on Photosynthesis Quiz Book Download

MCQ: Photosynthesis depends upon

  1. enzymes activity
  2. water
  3. carbon dioxide
  4. nitrogen from surrounding


MCQ: During photosynthesis radiant energy is converted into

  1. thermal energy
  2. light energy
  3. chemical energy
  4. magnetic energy


MCQ: For occurrence of photosynthesis than sugar must be formed from

  1. nitrogen hydride
  2. carbon dioxide
  3. carbon monoxide
  4. carbon tetra fluoride


MCQ: Concentration of carbon dioxide in atmosphere naturally is

  1. 0.0013
  2. 0.0123
  3. 0.0003
  4. 0.0105


MCQ: New protoplasm is formed by assimilation of

  1. fats
  2. proteins
  3. dietary fiber
  4. amino acids