Nutrients in Food MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn nutrients in food MCQs, college board SAT biology practice test for online SAT exam, SAT prep. Practice importance of nutrition multiple choice questions (MCQs), nutrients in food quiz questions and answers. Mock test on sat biology practice test, nutrients in food tutorials for SAT test preparation online.

Study bachelor of science and masters degree MCQs: storing place for glycogen in mammals is, for online courses with choices brain, lungs, heart, and liver with online college board competitive exam practice with colleges and universities distance learning for admissions. Free skills assessment test is for online learn nutrients in food quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers.

MCQs on Nutrients in Food Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Storing place for glycogen in mammals is

  1. brain
  2. lungs
  3. heart
  4. liver


MCQ: Condensation has a reverse process named as

  1. distillation
  2. hydrolysis
  3. abstract
  4. precipitation


MCQ: Complex sugar is also known as

  1. monosaccharide's
  2. disaccharides
  3. polysaccharides
  4. sucrose


MCQ: Tapioca contains plenty of

  1. sugar
  2. carbohydrates
  3. fiber
  4. starch


MCQ: Hydrogen , carbon and nitrogen are components of

  1. fats
  2. proteins
  3. fiber
  4. starch