Gaseous Exchange Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 1 PDF Download

Learn gaseous exchange MCQs, college board SAT biology practice test 1 for online learning, SAT exam prep course. Practice gaseous exchange in animals MCQs, gaseous exchange multiple choice questions and answers on gaseous exchange in animals, gaseous exchange in green plants, why do living organism respire for best SAT online course prep.

Free online gaseous exchange quiz, study guide has multiple choice question: the higher animals have special organs for exchange of gases as their skin is with options thick , thin, soft and hard with online SAT test prep for placement tests for online universities and colleges admission. Study to learn gaseous exchange in animals quiz questions with online learning MCQs for competitive exam preparation test.

MCQ on Gaseous Exchange Test 1

MCQ: The higher animals have special organs for exchange of gases as their skin is

  1. thin
  2. thick
  3. soft
  4. hard


MCQ: Amount of air changes as there are changes in

  1. Size of breathing
  2. Depth of breathing
  3. Rate of breathing
  4. Volume of breathing


MCQ: In green plants gaseous exchange occurs through diffusion as they have

  1. Small surface area
  2. large surface area
  3. Exposed surface area
  4. warm surface area


MCQ: In a living cell , quick source of energy is

  1. AMP
  2. ATP
  3. ARP
  4. APP


MCQ: After formation of hemoglobin carbon dioxide move from blood into

  1. Thoracic cavity
  2. Abdominal cavity
  3. Lumbar
  4. Alveolar