Enzymes Types and Functions Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 1 PDF Download

Learn enzymes types and functions multiple choice questions, college board SAT biology practice test 1 for SAT exam prep, learning free online courses test. Practice introduction to enzymes multiple choice questions (MCQs), enzymes types and functions quiz questions and answers. Learn introduction to enzymes, what are enzymes, classification of enzymes mock test for SAT exam preparation online.

Study enzymes types and functions quiz with multiple choice question (MCQs): special organic molecules called enzymes are important content of, for bachelor degree and masters in biology degree courses with choices atom, molecules, cell, ion with college board free online SAT practice tests with distance learning portal for students . Practice skills assessment test to learn online introduction to enzymes quiz questions with MCQs for competitive exam preparation test.

MCQ on Enzymes Types and Functions Test 1

MCQ: Special organic molecules called enzymes are important content of

  1. molecules
  2. atom
  3. cell
  4. ion


MCQ: Breaking down of carbohydrates in lab without catalyst is

  1. easy
  2. difficult
  3. moderate
  4. uncomplicated


MCQ: Digestive enzymes are used in some

  1. washing powder
  2. baking powder
  3. talcum powder
  4. boric powder


MCQ: In order to alter or speed up a chemical reaction we use

  1. catalyst
  2. inhibitor
  3. competitive inhibitor
  4. mixed inhibitor


MCQ: In order to digest or hydrolyze starch enzyme which is used is

  1. protease
  2. amylases
  3. lipases
  4. cellulases